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About Us

Educating and enriching fathers to build strong families.

Fatherhood of Durham (FOD) was founded in 2011 but re-established in 2018 as a father-centered program to enable men to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to become responsible fathers and co-parents. We are dedicated to improving the quality of fathers and their families lives in Durham County. Fatherhood of Durham has provided services to over 300 fathers with a success rate of 85%. Fatherhood of Durham strives to be a program that provides strength based, family driven, individualized and community-based services, including employment, education, housing and referrals to other agencies. Fatherhood of Durham is committed to providing its fathers with quality services. 

Our Mission

Fatherhood of Durham Mission is to promote responsible fatherhood, recovery, resilience and independence of fathers.

Fatherhood of Durham operates with the following objectives guiding us to achieve our mission:

  • Utilize father-friendly policies and practices, social service, meaningful connections to communities and families, integrated mental and physical health and education programs, thereby strengthening communities and relationships.

  •  Develop educational materials and programs that help prepare fathers to live in society as responsible, productive, law-abiding citizens.

  • Share Fatherhood of Durham’s perspective on the focus areas of responsible fatherhood, recovery and economic stability through presentations, website development, newsletters and collaboration with other local agencies and organizations.

Our Vision

Fatherhood of Durham evidence-informed program will be at the forefront in the development and delivery of services that meet the needs of a culturally diverse and evolving community of fathers making a difference. We believe our goal is to create an environment which promotes violence-free lives, support and strength while focusing on improving the quality of life for each father we serve throughout our community.

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Through our many programs and outreach services, Fatherhood of Durham builds stronger families by teaching fathers the life skills necessary to face financial, health, relationship and other critical challenges. Fatherhood of Durham has a 12-week evidence-based program that offers education and services uniquely tailored to improve the knowledge, behavior and skills of fathers.

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