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Family Support, Employment, Intervention & Prevention Services

Due to the impact of Covid-19 we are only hosting virtual mentorship and workshop programs until further notice. It is our main priority to protect ourselves and each other.

Our mentorship and workshop programs focus on 5 core values to help educate fathers and enrich families. These core values includes: Parenting Education,

Work Readiness & Employment, Legal Education,Men's Education and Life Skills.

Parenting Education

Parenting is the most critical job in the world. We help fathers develop skills to be a better parent. Fathers are taught some of the basics of child development, including the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that occur in children at different stages. They will learn:

  • Effective ways to discipline

  • What it takes to build healthy self-esteem in your child

  • How to talk to your child

  • How to manage your anger

  • How to avoid putting children in the middle of parent’s conflicts

  • Co-Parenting courses 

  • Parent Literacy Programs

Work Readiness & Employment

Serves fathers that can’t keep or get a job. The program’s primary goal is to assist the fathers to become employed, retain their employment and encourage career goals. This will help:

  • Attitudes about work

  • Leadership

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Expectations of employers

  • Positive work habits

  • Supportive networks

  • Resume and Cover Letter preparation

  • Job Seeking Tools and Interviewing Skills

Career Booster sessions are offered in weekly group workshops for those employed fathers who want to improve their employment status and seek a longer-term career goal. The program supports fathers as they seek to secure employment, education and training. 55% of our fathers have increased their income during their participation with Fatherhood of Durham.  Our Community Employment Services and Training (EST) staff develop partnerships with employers to provide job opportunities and training.

Legal Education

Fathers are taught about their legal rights and responsibilities as fathers. Fathers learn how to navigate the Child Support System. Topics covered are:

  • How to mediate an expressive visitation agreement

  • Resolving child support issues in family court

  • Understanding and navigating the court system

Men's Health

Many fathers encounter chronic health conditions and untreated medical problems because they can’t afford treatment. In collaboration with the Durham County Men’s Health Council, we provide the following:

  • Health Education and Healthy Behaviors

  • Screenings

  • Men’s Walk

  • Health workshops

  • Focus Groups

Life Skills

Life Skills training is a resource driven and goal-oriented personal enrichment class. Its primary goal is to develop adaptive and positive behaviors to increase independence living skills. Fatherhood of Durham will have monthly life skills workshops to help fathers develop daily living skills, personal social skills and occupational guidance instruction to enjoy fulfilling personal lives and function independently and productively as family members, citizens and workers.

 The life skills training addresses: 

  • Peer Pressure

  • Communications and Relationships

  • Working with Others

  • Avoiding/Resolving Conflict

  • Decision Making

  • Wellness and Personal Safety

  • Self-Management

  • Organization Skills

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